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If you want to buy a colony of native Australian stingless bees, you will need to buy them in a box or a log.

You wont be able to sit an empty box in the yard and attract a native stingless bee colony. When you buy a live colony of bees they will come in a box.

Boxes sold here do not include native bees – unless stated

Empty boxes are intended for people that already own a native bee colony and want an empty box to split with or do Budding. If you’ve already purchased an empty box from somewhere, don’t throw it away, you will still be able to use it in the future when it comes time to split your colony.

Where can I buy a colony of native stingless bees?

Try to buy a colony from your local area first. If unavailable on the shop page I recommend:

Do I need to split my hive?

Hives don’t need to be split at all. People split hives so they can have multiple hives. Some people prefer Budding / Eduction.

When is the best time to split my hive?

Most people will split hives in the warmer months before December. Some people split hives all year round. It can depend on your experience and location.

Found bees in a brick wall or under a concrete slab?

Firstly you would have to identify the bees. If they’re stingless bees you wont be able to encourage them to move out. They wont leave their colony. The only way to remove the colony is to take apart the wall or concrete and physically remove the colony. You could connect an empty box and create a new colony in the box but the old colony will still exist.

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