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Stingless Bee Colonies in a box $550

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Updated March 2024: Unfortunately there’s still very limited supply.

The last two years have been tough for the bees with rain causing low resources, so the colonies haven’t put on weight.

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Tip: Avoid recent transfers and rescues. If you find a colony to purchase make sure you get a 6 to 12 month guarantee as weak colonies can slowly die out over many months.

  • Species – Tetragonula hockingsi or Tetragonula carbonaria
  • Stingless Bees are easy to keep in your backyard and are great for pollination of your vegie garden
  • Bees come in a standard box with viewing panel
  • The bees add resin to the front of the box over time so hive boxes will vary in appearance than the photos shown
  • Collect from Clontarf/Redcliffe Qld
  • See the FAQs page
  • Visit to learn all about stingless bees
  • email to check availability:

Collection: Clontarf / Redcliffe Peninsula Qld

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