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Interested in getting a website for your business?

I am a big believer in websites!

While you can run your business through social media alone and not have a website at all, social media is very limited in how you can present your content and basically, someone else is  in control of your business or content. 

Most people will agree that businesses with a website look more professional and are taken more seriously. 

If you’re just starting out and need a basic site, want to upgrade your existing website, create a new website shop or something for your association or club, I may be able to help!

Hivecraft Web Services

  • Hosting & management
  • Domain management
  • Email address management
  • Website building, from 1 basic page to a full Ecommerce shop
  • Photography, people or product

Example Websites

Not long after I became interested in native bees I created in 2015. It’s evolved over the years with many changes along the way.

The Hivecraft website is a place to display and sell native bee products. The site is integrated with Ecommerce and credit card system.

I created the website for The Australian Native Bee Association and am the current web administrator. This site is integrated with a second member management site. 

Redcliffe Native Bees is a single page site that directs traffic to other websites and also serves as a testing website so I can try new things on it before wrecking my other sites.